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Pictured below is a very sweet kitty that was extremely matted and needed to be stripped of it's pelted coat in order to get a fresh start.  This kitty felt much better after getting her makeover.  If you can imagine what it must feel like having a very tight ponytail and someone yanking on it constantly that is what a matted animal is going thru when it just walks.  This takes a lot of skill and experience...a cats skin is like tissue paper compared to a dogs...please don't risk trying this at home...leave it to the professionals.    

To safely hold kitty we are scruffing it and
laying her on her side to start removing her matted coat.



This is one of the pelted pieces removed.

Extremely matted cats require two people to be able to safely hold your cat still.  Some very severe cases requires a third person to hold another paw still and a free hand to hold onto the fur as the groomer needs her hands free to be able to removed the coat and feel the matted areas.  This does cost more then the typical lion cut if your cat is matted and we will have to take a look at your kitty in person before we know just how much it will cost for a complete makeover.  After this is done we highly recommend setting up you cats next appointment for routine bathing and brushing to prevent this from happening again especially if brushing your cat can not be accomplished at home.   Please call us at (253) 539-9200 for more info...the sooner you get your matted cat in for an appointment the easier it will be on your pet.

A before picture of a kitty that will be getting a
lion cut groom to help keep from getting matted.

After her lion cut groom...this really helps
senior cats that can't keep themselves cleaned anymore.

Call us... We can help...We have a lot of experience with matted cats and rescue type situations...we are VET referred as well! (253) 539-9200